Why choose Danfoss Plate Heat Exchangers?

  • Efficient heat transfer provides system efficiency and energy savings

    The Danfoss plate heat exchanger range consists of both brazed and gasketed plate heat exchangers for district heating and cooling applications. Efficient heat transfer from a district heating utility or combined heat and power plant, to the end-user while minimizing temperature reduction is one of the main functions of a heating system.

    Danfoss has developed an entirely new plate design for its brazed plate heat exchangers called MPHE™ – MicroPlate™ Heat Exchanger.

    Thanks to a unique plate pattern design, our new MPHEs give you an excellent route to better performance and lower environmental impact. By improving the flow of fluids across the plate and utilization of the surface area, MPHEs enable much better and more efficient heat transfer.

    Up to 10% enhanced heat transfer
    Thanks to the new plate design, the difference between the fastest and slowest flowing areas is only x3, leading to an enhancement of the heat transfer rate by 10%.

    Up to 35% lower pressure loss
    Thanks to the unique plate design, the way that water is distributed inside the MPHE also reduces pressure loss. This means less energy is needed to drive the water round the district heating system and consequently reduces running costs.

    Longer life time
    The improved design results in less wear and smoother operation, thus extending the lifetime of the plate heat exchanger.


  • Plate Heat Exchangers with Micro Plate™ Technology

    Introduction to the concept and principle of the Micro Plate™ Heat Exchangers

  • Introduction to Micro Plates™

    Cartoon explaining the functionality of the Micro Plate™ Heat Exchangers

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