Why choose Danfoss Flat Stations?

  • The modern replacement for traditional centralized heating and domestic hot water solutions

    Our EvoFlat flat station solution is cost-effective for renovating and refurbishment projects due to its ease of installation in existing buildings, but also very applicable in new builds.
    Since the flat station solution can be connected to any available energy source, the investment is safe - no matter what the future brings.

    Energy efficient with full control
    A decentralized heating system consists of hydraulic interface units and horizontal pipe runs in each apartment, supplied with hot water from a high-efficiency central boiler placed in the basement.

    It usually incorporates a buffer tank and can be supplied by any heat source available to the building. Regardless of any subsequent changes and updates in the heat supply to the building, they remain equally efficient in operation.

    The flat stations applied in the system normally incorporate a compact heat exchanger to provide instantaneous domestic hot water and a multi-functional control valve to secure supply and efficient operation.

    Systems with flat stations are the modern replacement for traditional centralized heating and hot water solutions, such as:

    • Central heating and central domestic hot water supply using central boilers fuelled by oil, gas, pellets, etc. 
    • Gas-fired combi-boilers installed in each apartment to produce heat and domestic hot water 
    • Central heating using a gas or oil-fired boiler complemented by an electrical water heater in each apartment for domestic hot water production 

    Key benefits

    During planning and installation:
    • Cost-effective for new installations as well as refurbishment and renovation projects
    • Take up less space in each apartment – can be built into walls, stairwells or shafts
    • Quick and easy to install. Only 3 ascending pipes, reduced and uncomplicated piping and no floor slab penetration

    In use:
    • Effective operation and low operating temperatures reduce energy loss as well as operating costs
    • Accurate, reliable metering and billing for each apartment
    • Faults and consumption can be monitored and read-out via the energy meter
    • Individual setting of room temperature and independent domestic hot water production
    • Minimized risk of bacteria growth in the static water in centralized boiler systems
    • Exceptionally low service and maintenance costs


  • EvoFlat - discover an evolution in apartment heating and hot water

    Introduction movie of the Danfoss Evoflat flat station concept - an evolution within apartment heating and domestic hot water preparation.

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