Danfoss District Energy Production Sites

  • We have Factories in these Locations

    Danfoss Trata

    Danfoss Trata d. o. o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Products: Motorized control valves, Self-activating products & Plate heat exchangers

    Employees: 350

    Founded: 1937

    Joined Danfoss: 1995


    Danfoss A/S, Glamsbjerg, Denmark

    Products: Ball valves

    Employees: 47

    Founded: 1974

    Joined Danfoss: 2001

    Danfoss Controls

    Danfoss (Anshan) Controls Co., Ltd., China

    Products: Motorized control valves & Self-activating products

    Employees: 110

    Founded: 1996

    Joined Danfoss: 2003

    Danfoss LPM

    Danfoss LPM Sp. z. o. o., Tuchom, Poland

    Products: Substations & Heat Exchangers 

    Employees: 179

    Founded: 1993

    Joined Danfoss: 2003

    Danfoss Redan

    Danfoss Redan A/S, Aarhus, Denmark

    Products: Substations & Water heaters 

    Employees: 112

    Founded: 1971

    Joined Danfoss: 2003

    Gemina Termix

    Gemina Termix A/S, Sunds, Denmark

    Products: Substations & Heat exchangers

    Employees: 76

    Founded: 1973

    Joined Danfoss: 2004 

    Danfoss Tianjin

    Danfoss Tianjin Ltd., Wuqing, China

    Products: Substations & Ball valves

    Employees: 76

    Founded: 2005

    Joined Danfoss: 2005

    SC Danfoss District Heating

    SC Danfoss District Heating SRL, Bucharest, Romania

    Products: Substations

    Employees: 100

    Founded: 1999

    Joined Danfoss: 2006

    Danfoss Ridan

    Danfoss Ridan, Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia

    Products: Heat exchangers

    Employees: 277

    Founded: 1998

    Joined Danfoss: 2007

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